5 Fun Things To Do In Herriman

Utah is a beautiful place to live with an unlimited amount of outdoor activities and things to do. There are so many great cities to live in but recently, Herriman has caught our eye! If you’re planning to move to Herriman or you’re already lucky enough to live in Herriman, then these places are a must for the whole family! With tons of shopping, outdoor activities, and nightlife, it’s the perfect place to settle down.


  • The UP House: If you’re a fan of Pixar, and love the movie Up, then this is perfect for you! This cute house is almost an exact replica of the house in the movie, from the design of the house to the pastel paint colors on the walls. This is an awesome place to take the kids to, to live the movie in real life! Just grab a bundle of balloons and head on over to the UP house for a photo-op!
  • Blackridge Reservoir: If you love swimming, beaches, and just all around good fun, this place has it all. It’s a manmade reservoir where you can relax in a gazebo, tan on the beach, and let the kids play on the playground. It’s the perfect place to take a kayak out or a paddle board and enjoy the warm weather in the summer!
  • Yellow Fork Canyon: This canyon is home to a beautiful hike! It’s a great trail for a quick hike that is shared with hikers, horseback riders and runners. You will see rabbits, hummingbirds, deer and more fun creatures along this trail. Once you reach the top you will have an incredible, breath taking view of Salt Lake Valley. It’s perfect for those wanting to see the sunset.
  • Herriman Community Garden: The community garden is a perfect place to involve the community in developing gardening skills, and getting to know one another. You can grow all kinds of vegetables, herbs and plants in the garden while talking to your neighbors! Take the kids and let them help! They will love digging holes in the ground, planting seeds and watching them grow!


  • Herriman Towne Center: Located in the heart of Herriman, is an up and coming hub for all entertainment. This place has a brand new town hall, a recreation center with waterslides, floating water bridge, gymnasium and more, also a new library, and is close to just about everything else. It’s the perfect place to keep everyone in the family happy!   

7 of the Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying a New Home

Mistakes are a natural part of life – but they are not something you want to make when buying a new home.

They can cost you time, money and even destroy what should be a fulfilling experience.

So, the question is, how do you avoid them in the first place?

Since many mistakes stem from not having enough information, it is critical to do your research before you get started with this process.

This post will explore some of the most common mistakes that people make when buying a new home – and hopefully help you keep from making them yourself.

1) Overlooking Financial Readiness

financial preparation

Before you even begin your search for a new home, make sure to print out a copy of your credit report.

You should begin monitoring your credit score several months before you begin to seriously look for a home. This gives you a chance to clean up any errors and know what types of interest rates you are likely to be approved for.

It is also essential to calculate “hidden” costs associated with a home. These can include things like taxes, insurance, utilities and other fees such as closing costs and appraisal fees. It’s often wiser to take a more conservative route when you are buying a home to give yourself a little bit of cushion when it comes to unforeseen costs.

2) Failing to Research the Area


The neighborhood that you move into can be just as important as the home you will be living in. A few things you may want to consider include:

  • The quality of the general area
  • The neighbors you will be living next to
  • The feel and safety of the city
  • The facilities and schools nearby
  • Ease of access to main roads, freeways, and public transportation

There are many items that you could add to the list above. Take some time to think about the ideal area for you and your family before you commit to a home.

3) Forgetting About the Investment You Are Making


When you are in buying mode, you may not think to consider the prospect of selling your future home – but you should.

You may end up living in your new home forever, but that is not always the case. Life can (and often does) take unexpected turns, which is why you want a home that will be easy to resell.

4) Taking Unqualified Advice

bad advice

It seems like everyone is an expert when you begin the process of buying a new home. Unsolicited advice will come at you from all directions – but that doesn’t mean it’s good advice.

Family or friends that haven’t purchased property in the local market may not have a good grasp of local market conditions and pricing. This translates to unrealistic expectations and poor advice.

In most cases, the big decisions should rest with the individuals who are actually making the purchase.

5) Neglecting to Consider the Property


The land that the home is built upon is often a secondary consideration when it comes to a home buyer’s evaluation.

While this is understandable, it is also not the best approach.

The property you will be living on and its boundaries can have a large impact on your lifestyle. Understanding where your property begins, where it ends and the responsibilities associated with it should definitely be included in your assessment.

6) Skipping a Thorough Inspection

home inspection

The significance of a home inspection cannot be overstated.

Even though an inspection will slow down the purchasing process, they can help buyers identify potential issues that may not be immediately obvious. And trust us, you want to know about these problems before you sign on a home.

A small complication can quickly turn into a costly repair and make your home life a miserable experience. Always make sure to get a full picture of a potential home before you make any final decisions.

7) Failing to Think about the Future

Future Home

You won’t be able to anticipate every possibility, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect this step.

The information that is currently available to you can help you evaluate the possibilities down the road. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • Are there any major development plans in the area?
  • What type of traffic will my street be exposed to at different times of the day?
  • What are the zoning laws in my area?
  • What types of plans have been made for the surrounding undeveloped land?
  • How have the home values fared in this neighborhood during the last few years?

Asking the right questions now can save you from some undesirable circumstances in the future.

Although avoiding these types of mistakes is ultimately the homebuyer’s responsibility, a good home builder will take the time to educate their buyers to support them with this process. Working with new homeowners to make sure they have enough information is a key characteristic of experienced and committed builders.



8 Fabulous Hikes Along Utah’s Wasatch Front

Summer’s almost over but that doesn’t mean that our days full of fun activities are over. With the drop in temperature and the radiant changing Aspen leaves, we’re all set for a perfect weekend activity: hiking!

Utah is known to some of the most beautiful hikes in the world, not to mention that we’ve got a good set of hikes right here in the backyard of your Utah home.

  1. Stewart Falls
Stewart Falls Utah
photo credit: AllTrails.com

Located near Sundance, Stewart Falls is one of the most popular Utah hikes that provides some beautiful photo-ops for you and your family. This hike is a total of about 4 miles long and is appropriate for most hikers of all skill levels.

2. Cecret Lake

Cecret Lake Utah
photo credit: Utah.com

An easy 2 mile hike near Alta brings you to a beautiful and refreshing alpine lake that provides a gorgeous backdrop for family photos. Hikers have even noted that moose can be seen from the trailhead occasionally.

3. Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs Utah
photo credit: AllTrails.com

Barely a mile long paved hike in Midway will bring you to Cascade Springs, a pristine oasis in the dry hills. Take the family for a quick and easy nature getaway before the snow flies and enjoy the beauty all around you.

4. Desolation Trail to Salt Lake Overlook

Desolation Trail
photo credit: IntermountainHealthcare.org

Known for being a great place to sit and watch the sunset, Salt Lake Overlook is a 4 mile dog-friendly hike that boasts some of the most beautiful views of the valley. This hike is noted as being moderate in difficulty so be sure you are prepared before beginning your adventure.

5. The Y Mountain Trail

Y mountain
photo credit: SLTrib.com

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but want to enjoy a gorgeous overlook of the sun setting over Utah lake, the Y Mountain Trail is always a great option. Accessible year round and only about 2.5 miles out and back, the views are worth some of the steep switchbacks you’ll encounter along the way.

6. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

bonneville shoreline trail
photo credit: SLTrib.com

Located near Salt Lake City, this hike will take you some time (it’s 22 miles there and back) but the views and wildflowers are worth it. This hike will take you along smooth pathways with great views and friendly hikers.

7. Red Pine Lake Trail

red pine lake
photo credit: Utah.com

The Red Pine Lake Trail is great for adventure lovers and is about 7 miles there and back. Rated as a hard hike, you’ll encounter waterfalls, wildflowers, rocks and perhaps even mountain goats as you travel along. Red Pine Lake, alone, is worth the hike as you’ll enjoy it’s pristine beauty and serene setting.

8. Timpanogos Cave Trail

timpanogos cave ut
photo credit: CitySeeker.com

One of the most notable and popular hikes in Utah County, this 3.5 mile hike is located near Alpine and boasts stunning views and the infamous Timpanogos Cave. Be sure you check to ensure the caves will be open when you visit since it’s part of the National Park Service.

All of us at Holmes Homes hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you’ve enjoyed this list brought to you by your favorite Utah homebuilders, Holmes Homes.