Is A Finished Basement Right for Your Home?

Even if it’s just wood and cold concrete, basements have amazing potential. Over the years, that lower level of homes has stopped being ignored and finished basements have becoming more and more popular.

It’s a place where kids can go and play, parents can go to get away from the kids, or even in some cases it can become a man cave.

How do you know that it’s right for you though? Will it be worth the cost to finish it? What should you make your basement into?

Here’s a short list of ideas that you can make your basement into and whether or not it’s right for you.

Lounge Basements

If you’re worried about payback, this is a great idea that appeals to most people. This type of basement usually has a casual family room with a small kitchen. It’s made into a place where everyone can go to relax and watch TV. Add a pool table or projector for the big game and it will definitely be a place people will want to hangout. Before you start this process though, make sure your lower level shows no signs of water damage. This can cause the need to replace furnishings and cracks in the walls and foundation. Also know your local ordinances and if you are allowed to outfit a full kitchen.

Play Room

This is perfect for a family with young children. Creating your basement into a place where you can keep all the toys and messes where you can’t see them, can be very appealing. You can make cabinets that have certain sections where each toy goes. If you want to get really fancy with it, you can create a ball pit for the kids to jump around in and even a castle fort for the daughter that insists on being a princess. Whether the kids are playing downstairs or upstairs, you are sure to grab a sweet second of peace and quiet with a basement made for the kids.

Storage Room

If you love to shop and can’t seem to get enough of those holiday decorations, a basement can be your best friend. You can easily transform your basement into a huge walk in closet. Create hooks and shelves for all your storage needs. Even make that gift wrapping station you’ve been dying to have!

Guest “House”

If you’re one to have a lot of visitors and maybe the in-laws come to town often, creating a space that they can have to themselves will help ease the stress on you. Make a guest bedroom for them and maybe a small living area where they can relax and get away. It will be convenient and your visitors will love you for not having to sleep on the couch!

Holmes Homes Basement Example
Finished Basement


4 Fun Things To Do At Utah Lake

If you live in one of the neighborhoods next to Utah Lake like Mallard Bay, then you already know all of the perks of living next to it. If you don’t, then you are missing out. When you’re looking for some outdoor fun Utah Lake is the place to be. The lake offers a variety of activities perfect for the whole family, for everyone to enjoy. We couldn’t list everything, but here is just a sample of everything you can do at Utah Lake.

  1. Geocaching: If you don’t know what geocaching is than you need to find out right now! Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt. People hide “caches” full of treasures all over the world and there are dozens of them around Utah Lake. Just get out your smart phone and follow the GPS to the location of your hidden treasure, or check out the Geocaching website for more information on how to play!
  2. Water Activities: Of course where there’s a lake, there’s water sports. There are plenty of docks where you can take out your boat or jet skis when the weather is warm. Have some fun on the water and rent a paddleboard or kayak and explore the lake up close and personal. Or if you want to just relax on the beach and maybe take a swim, there are plenty of beaches to do that at as well. Take the whole family out and have a picnic and just enjoy your day.
  3. Birding: Are you interested in birds and love bird watching? Utah Lake is perfect for that! There are plenty of night owls, bald eagles and pelicans flying around the water. You are sure to see a bird that you have never seen before at Utah Lake.
  4. Hiking: On paved or unpaved paths, there are so many trails around Utah Lake that you can take a walk on or ride your bike. Exploring all around the lake is just as fun as getting in it. Plus if you make it on the west side of the lake, you will get a spectacular view of the mountains and Utah Valley.

Utah Lake Mallard Bay

3 Best Ways to Stay Organized When Purchasing a Home

Are you buying a new home? If the answer is yes then congrats! This is an exciting and monumental moment of your life.

You may be starting a new beginning, getting a bigger home for the family, moving to a different town or even state, possibly even getting a new job, or just upgrading.

With all that excitement, there can also be a lot of stress. Nobody likes the packing and cleaning process of moving out of a home and then there is all of the paperwork that you have to take care of as well, and the inspection, and finances. How do you even begin to stay organized with it all?

Lucky for you, we have listed 3 key things you NEED to do to stay organized while buying a new home.

  1. Keep a Notebook: As simple as it sounds it will save a lot of time and stress. By writing things down, you are less likely to forget anything. Write down in a notebook of all the important dates you have to remember like when loan payments are due, the inspection, move in date, etc. Write down a to-do list and make a master packing list.
  1. Moving Binder: Keep all of those important documents that you sign, such as the truck rental company, to your loan agreement, in a binder with labels so that it makes it easier to find later. If you haven’t already gotten preapproved for a loan, make sure you have all of the pre-approval paperwork ready to go. File the realtors name and number, inspector’s information, and any other contacts that you need to keep on hand. This will make it easy to keep track of and reference when you need to.
  1. Keep a Calendar: There are a lot of things to remember during a home buying process. Keep a calendar of when you purchase the home to when you move. Have a list of certain things you want packed by a certain time, and stick to that schedule. Things come up so give yourself some cushion room too, so that you don’t fall completely behind! Keep the calendar where you will see it every day just to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Home Buying Organization